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Aug 10, 2023


Foothill Ranch, Calif. (August 6, 2023) – The Monster Energy® AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship took place last week at the famous Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Monster Energy® Kawasaki Team Green riders Krystian Janik and Landen Gordon secured championships in the 250B class (6-1-1), and Supermini 2 class (1-2-2), respectively. . Kawasaki Team Green riders Kyleigh Stallings and Chase Haynes battled through the mud and brought home titles in WMX (1-1-4), 250C Limited (1-1-2) and 450C (1-2-3).

The Monster Energy® AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship is the most prestigious and competitive amateur motocross competition in the world. The event takes place at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. It is known as the world's largest amateur motocross race and is the final stop for many top amateurs before they join the professional ranks full time. The beginning days of practice and racing showed promising race results from Kawasaki Team Green athletes and sunny conditions, but that quickly changed on the third day of racing when storms blew in, postponing races and flooding the track. For the next three days riders would experience difficult conditions including flooded sections of the race track, while showcasing their skills as the nation’s best motocross riders.

Monster Energy® Kawasaki Team Green rider Krystian Janik emerged as the champion in the highly competitive 250B class.. Despite the adverse weather conditions stacked against him, Janik refused to be deterred. With a remarkable showing of speed, consistency and adaptability, he would have an impressive performance throughout the championship week. Over the course of the event, he finished the motos with scores of 6-1-1. Capitalizing on remarkable starts in the second two motos, the No. 27 KX250 captured victories in the final two motos displaying his unwavering determination and ability to capitalize on the opportunities presented to him.

Monster Energy® Kawasaki Team Green rider Landen Gordon showcased extraordinary resilience and skill, claiming the Supermini 2 class title. After undesirable starts in each moto, Gordon progressively battled through competitors and grueling track conditions to finish on the podium. Despite facing ups and downs, he exhibited consistent performances throughout the championship event. Notably, he secured a resounding win in the first moto and followed it up with two second place finishes in the subsequent races, culminating in an overall score of 1-2-2 and grabbing his first championship at Loretta Lynn’s, besting his second overall in the Supermini 1 class, landing on the podium with his KX112 every moto, battling through unfavorable track conditions. 

Monster Energy® Kawasaki Team Green riders Krystian Janik, Drew Adams and Enzo Temmerman all participated in the highly competitive 250B and Schoolboy 2 classes. On Day 1 of racing in 250B, Adams and Temmerman landed on the podium finishing second and third respectively. In Schoolboy 2, Janik would fight through competitors and finish third while Temmerman and Adams would finish fourth and fifth, respectively. Day 2 Janik took the hard-fought moto wins in 250B and Schoolboy 2, with Adams finishing behind his teammate in 250B in second and fourth in Schoolboy 2, while Temmerman  finished second in Schoolboy 2. Rounding out the week at the ranch, weather displayed its unforgivable and unpredictable changes bringing in waves of severe thunderstorms and rain, postponing races for the first half of the day. Janik would persevere through the slick track and grab another holeshot award and lead the pack to the finish in 250B securing the win and his championship. After a few mistakes, Adams finished runner-up to his teammate to take second overall in 250B, and 11th overall in  Schoolboy 2. Temmerman would battle through mistakes in 250B, finishing fifth overall, but come back in Schoolboy 2 and finish third overall for the week. 

Monster Energy® Kawasaki Team Green mini riders Landen Gordon and Carson Wood showed impressive skill and determination this week participating in Supermini 1 and 2, and Mini Sr 1 and 2 classes on their KX112 and KX85 machines. Gordon showed his speed by grabbing holeshots and finishing on the podium in all six of his motos to take the Supermini 2 championship and finishing runner-up in Supermini 1. Wood battled through the conditions in Mini Sr 1 to finish within the top 10 in two motos and eighth overall. 

Kawasaki Team Green riders Kyleigh Stallings and Chase Hayes took home titles at the Monster Energy® AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship. Kyleigh Stallings dominated the WMX class with two holeshots, two wins and a podium after making a dramatic comeback in Moto 3 due to a fall, and claiming the WMX Championship title on her KX250. Chase Hayes competed in two classes, 450C and 250C Limited, landing on the podium every moto, winning three out of the six and claiming both titles. 

Masters (50+) and Seniors (45+) rider Greg Pamart finished second in both class championships, claiming three medals out of six motos. Jacob Hayes finished second overall in Juniors (25+), and finished second in Moto 3 of the highly competitive Open Pro Sport Class on his KX450. Reven Gordon and Sophia Phelps battled fiercely in their motos, finishing third overall in 450 B and WMX, respectively. Aden Keefer led laps in Moto 3 of 250B, landing him on the podium in third place and three top-10 finishes at the ranch.


Krystian Janik - 250B Champion (KX250)

Landen Gordon - Supermini 2 Champion  (KX112)

Chase Hayes - 250C Limited (KX250) 

Chase Hayes - 450C Champion (KX250)

Kyleigh Stallings - WMX Champion (KX250)

2nd Place Overall

Drew Adams - 250B (KX250)

Landen Gordon - Supermini 1  (KX112)

Jacob Hayes - Junior 25+  (KX450)

Greg Pamart - Senior 45+ and Masters 50+  (KX450)

3rd Place Overall

Enzo Temmerman - Schoolboy 2 (KX250)

Reven Gordon - 450B (KX250)

Sophia Phelps - WMX (KX250)

Krystian Janik
Krystian Janik
Chase Hayes
Chase Hayes
Kyleigh Stallings
Kyleigh Stallings
Landen Gordon
Landen Gordon