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Rider “Fun & Fuelgal: 9 Small-to-Midsize Fuel Savers” featuring the Kawasaki Ninja 250R and Versys
You will have to decide how much you can spend and how important fuel mileage is to your equation, but to us the Versys is by far the most versatile and enjoyable bike here.
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Kawasaki Versys wins 2008 Motorcycle of the Year Award from Motorcyclist Magazine
Each year Motorcyclist Magazine recognizes the best motorcycles available in the U.S. The fun and practical 2008 Kawasaki Versys™ defied all attempts at categorizing, except for one – 2008 Motorcycle of the Year.

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rider Magazine Review: Kawasaki Versys
“Curving roads are the Versys’ forte. It’s quick and agile in the twisties, where you can get going at a good clip. Long-travel suspension gives it a generous amount of cornering clearance, and it takes just a light touch to steer through the curves, with good low-end torque to power it strongly through uphill turns. With rake and trail figures at 25 degrees and 4.3 inches the Versys flows smoothly through the curves and feels stable at highway speed, too.”

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2008 Kawasaki Versys Road Test by
Check out this great story and video review at
Cycle World Magazine Review: Kawasaki Versys
“The riding position is not unlike that taken by grapplers during face-offs. Weight over your feet, knees bent, arms up and wide, ready to respond to whatever your opponent -in this case the road, oncoming traffic, etc. -throws at you. There’s a strong sense of being in command.”

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Cycle News Magazine Review: Kawasaki Versys
"A hybrid of 'versatility' and 'system', the name does well to describe the all-around purpose of the bike. Whether it's sport riding, urban assault, commuting or light touring, Kawasaki says the 'Versys has your back', and they're not kidding. "

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