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Z1000 Defeats MV Brutale and Harley XR1200 in Cycle World Magazine Comparo
Cycle World magazine pitted the Kawasaki Z1000 against MV Agusta’s new Brutale 990R and Harley-Davidson’s XR1200 in a battle to determine the best sporting standard motorcycle available in America. When comparison testing was complete, the Z1000 had continued its recent trend of shootout victories.  Here is what the editors at Cycle World had to say about the 2010 Z1000

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Z1000 Wins ‘Best Standard’ in Cycle World’s 2010 Ten Best Issue
After a thorough re-design followed by numerous head-to-head comparison victories, the new Kawasaki Z1000 took its rightful place at the head of the sporting standard field, after being named as the ‘Best Standard’ in Cycle World’s 2010 Ten Best issue.  Here is what the experts at Cycle World had to say about the 2010 Z1000.

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Z1000 Named Best Standard Bike in CycleWorld's Ten Best of 2010
Now Kawasaki has delivered an all-new machine that shares little more with its predecessors than a name and its broad-focus, real-world sporting intent. And we have been torqued into submission by its all-new sublimely smooth, instant-power 1043cc inline-Four. This, along with a sporty chassis and fully adjustable suspension upped the Z’s sporting prowess and sealed the deal.

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Z1000 Beats Triumph Speed Triple in Shootout pitted the 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 in head-to-head competition against the Triumph Speed Triple. The Z1000’s fun and nimble handling and more powerful engine earned a hard-fought win over the Speed Triple.

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Sport Rider Magazine Review: Kawasaki Z1000
"Here’s where the new Z1000’s long-stroke engine shatters that mold. Grab a handful of throttle at 4000 rpm in any gear, and you’re rewarded with responsive acceleration that’s always been absent in the vast majority of other inline-four-powered naked bikes." Read the Full Story
Z1000 Highlights and Editor Quotes
Moto-journalists, public test ride participants and new Z1000 owners are united in their strong praise for this impressive motorcycle. The complete list of the Z1000’s strengths and accolades can be almost overwhelming, so to give readers a better grasp of what this bike is all about, Kawasaki has created this one-page “Hot Sheet” summarizing key features, strengths and editor impressions.
Z1000 Ride Review by Mitch Boehm
Former Motorcyclist magazine and current Moto Retro Illustrated Editor, Mitch Boehm applies his journalistic expertise to the Z1000, in an honest review of its strengths, weaknesses and overall fun-to-ride quotient.

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Cycle World Magazine Review: 2010 Kawasaki Z1000
Out on the road, this tractability and flexibility mean the engine is always there for you. "A nice clutch and snappy fuel mapping make off-the-line launches easy to execute," said Editor-in-Chief Mark Hoyer. "And, man, is there TORQUE!"
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2010 Z1000 Beats Yamaha FZ1 in Motorcycle Consumer News Shootout
The editors at Motorcycle Consumer News pitted the 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 in head-to-head competition against Yamaha’s latest FZ1. After extensive testing, the Z1000’s clearly superior power and handling allowed it to score a decisive victory over the FZ1.

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Motorcyclist Magazine Review: 2010 Kawasaki Z1000
Corners come in four bladder-emptying flavors: blind, off-camber, decreasing-radius and the always-appalling combination plate. Grown men weep like little girls after 15 minutes of this on some 160-horse track tool, but we were almost happy.
Download the Full Story
Popular Mechanics Magazine Review: 2010 Kawasaki Z1000
"Bombing across rambling Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, which links Fort Hunter Liggett to the coastal Big Sur area, our small pack of riders picked up the pace and pushed our Z1000s harder. At higher speeds and on less technical stretches, the chassis felt well-suited to the engine, and strong midrange torque enabled acceleration that spooled up with surprising eagerness between 7000 rpm and redline."

Read the entire review at: Popular
Motorcyclist Magazine Review: Kawasaki Z1000
"Personally, I think there’s a lot to be said for plenty of useable horsepower in a solid chassis matched to an ergo package that you can live with for more than 30 minutes, but I’m in the minority (I know). The new Z1000 has all of the above, and then some, so I can’t help but like it."

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