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Team Green | 7/2/2013
Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Leaves Mammoth with Eight Championships
Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Leaves Mammoth with Eight Championships
Irvine, Calif. (July 2, 2013) – After five days of racing, Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green finished off the Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross with a total of eight championships. Starting the week with two days of the mini racing, Team Green’s Stilez Robertson, Sean Cantrell, and Garrett Marchbanks all came home with championships on the KX™85 with Robertson and Cantrell also taking home the overall championships and AMA No.1 plates in the 85 7-11 and 85 12-13 classes respectively. Transitioning to three days on the big bikes, Team Green’s Colt Nichols took home the 250 Pro Sport championship and Kawasaki Team Green Dealer Support rider Adam Nickerson won the Open C and 450 C championships on his KX™250F.
Mini Assault
Mammoth features two full days of mini racing where the same classes compete on both days. Each day a champion is crowned in each class, but it’s the combination of the two days that awards an AMA No.1 plate. On Day 1, Team Green swept two of three 85cc age classes with Marchbanks taking the win in the 85cc 7-11, and Sean Cantrell dominating the 85cc 12-13 class. After quietly finishing fourth on Day 1, it was Robertson who came out swinging on Day 2 to win the 85cc 7-11 class and his 4-1 score was enough to also award him the overall, his first career 85cc championship. In the 85cc 12-13 class, Cantrell rode smart and consistent to take second on Day 2, knowing that his 1-2 score would secure him the overall and his second big bear award of the week.
The Lone Ranger
Nichols was the soul rider representing Team Green on the big bikes at Mammoth, competing in the 250 and 450 classes. On his first trip to Mammoth, it took the Oklahoma native some time to get used to the unique track, concrete start gate, and uphill start. It didn’t take Colt long though, as he finish on the podium in every moto he competed in, finishing third in Open Pro, second in 450 Pro Sport, and first in 250 Pro Sport.
Vacation Race
Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross has become one of the most prestigious amateur nationals on the circuit due to the unique venue and surroundings. Along with drawing many of the fastest riders from across the country, it also attracts the weekend warriors and families who race for fun. Many racers who came up to the Team Green Support pits were amazed and very thankful for the guidance and assistance provided by the Kawasaki technicians. Most of them returned to the Team Green pits following their motos to personally thank the Kawasaki technicians for helping them and couldn’t wait to tell them how they finished and how well their KX™ ran.
Gearing up for Loretta’s
With Mammoth under their belt, Team Green shifts its focus to the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s. Throughout the week, riders began to debate what number they should run at Loretta’s this year as riders must choose a two-digit number. Loretta Lynn’s kicks off July 29th in Hurricane Mills, Tenn.
Monster Energy Mammoth Motocross
Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
June 25-30, 2013


Sean Cantrell – 85cc 12-13 Day 1
Garrett Marchbanks – 85cc 7-11 Day 1
Stilez Robertson – 85cc 7-11 Day 2
Sean Cantrell – 85cc 12-13 Overall
Stilez Robertson – 85cc 7-11 Overall
Colt Nichols – 250 Pro Sport
Adam Nickerson – Open C
Adam Nickerson – 450 C
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