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Team Green | 3/15/2013
Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Begins to Rack Up Titles at Oak Hill
Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Begins to Rack Up Titles at Oak Hill
Irvine, Calif., (March 15, 2013) – The second day of racing at Oak Hill MX saw Kawasaki crown two champions, win three motos and collect 17 podiums at the GNC International Motocross Final. Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green riders Austin Forkner and Sean Cantrell both took moto wins in their division races to set themselves up for championships in their main events, while Garrett Marchbanks won the second 85 7-11 Stock moto to finish second overall. Kawasaki riders Zachary Bishop-Burnett and Haileigh Williams were crowned champions in 450 4-Stroke Non-Pro and Women Pro classes respectively.
Gone With the Wind
The riders had to deal with not only the challenging track conditions, but gusting wind and the Texas sun on Thursday. With 80-degree temperatures and 30-mile per hour gusting winds, the track conditions became progressively more challenging as the day went on. The loamy Oak Hill terra firma quickly transformed into hard-packed, dusty conditions that were less than ideal, but Team Green pushed the limits of themselves and their KX bikes to battle up front all day.
GNC International Motocross Final
Oak Hill MX – Decatur, Texas
Friday, March 15, 2013


Zachary Bishop-Burnett – 450 4-Stroke Non-Pro
Haileigh Williams – Women Pro

First Place Finishes
Austin Forkner – Supermini 12-16 Div 1
Sean Cantrell – 85 12-13 Stock Div 1
Garrett Marchbanks – 85 7-11 Stock

Second Place Finishes
Dalton Howe – 250 Nov Mod Div 2
Brandon Leith – 250 Int Mod Div 1
Michael Baker – 35+
Sean Cantrell – 85 12-13 Mod Div 1
Keith Caffey - 50+

Third Place Finishes
Tanner Stack – Supermini 12-16 Div 2
Darian Sanayei – 250 Int Mod Div 2
Garrett Marchbanks – 85 7-11 Mod
Darian Sanayei – Schoolboy 12-16 Mod Div 1
Colt Nichols – 450 Pro
Calvin Allison – 50+
Zachary Bishop-Burnett – 450 Int Stock
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