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Many of the world’s best motocross racers were brought up through the Team Green™ amateur motocross program, including more recent graduates Ryan Villopoto, Blake Baggett, and Dean Wilson. For many of these talented racers, being part of the team with the green thumbs-up logo has translated into success on the big stage.

For amateur motocross, Team Green fields a team of highly talented riders who are working their way through the amateur ranks with a goal of following the path of their heroes. Team Green provides amateur racers with the expert support necessary to make that goal a reality. Now into its fourth decade, Team Green has the same goal as it did in 1981 and continues to take an active role in shaping tomorrow’s champions.

In addition to sponsoring amateur racers, we also support anyone who races a Kawasaki motorcycle in a sanctioned event. We continue to offer a competitive contingency program for hundreds of races across the country. For more information about Team Green Contingency payouts, check out our Contingency Program. Good luck and we hope to see you out there on the track!

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