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KX™450F Wins Motocross Action Magazine's 450 Four-Stroke Shootout
The 2012 Kawasaki KX™450F motocrosser dominated the competition and took the win in Motocross Action magazine's 450 Four-Stroke Shootout. Its new slimmer, stronger and more nimble personality did the trick, as the KX450F impressed MXA's test riders with its strong, tunable power delivery and giant leap-forward in handling performance. Here's what the pro's at Motocross Action had to say about the 2012 KX450F:

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Dirt Bike Magazine Test: 2012 KX™450F
We ran the standard map (green clip) the first day and played around with the different clips on the second day when the track dried out and became more slippery we loved the black clip, programmed to offer smoother power with less hit. The bike still had plenty of power, just not as much hit, making it easier to keep traction through slippery corners. Read Here
Motocross Action Magazine Test: 2012 KX™450F
Stapleton suited up for the action photo shoot. In short order he clicked third gear, held the bike wide open, and sailed over LaRocco’s Leap. It was death-defying! To experience jumping LaRocco’s Leap, check out the video that we will have up tomorrow evening on the website. It’s a huuuuuge jump. Read Here
What the Editors Say: 2012 KX™450F
Check-out this summary video from the press debut of the 2012 KX450F at RedBud and hear what a large assortment of professional riders have to say about the mighty KX. This is undiluted knowelege from some of the best testers in the world… Read Here Test: 2012 KX™450F
When the track got hard, bumpy and rutted I liked the hard-terrain setting because it increased traction. More power went to the ground instead of just spinning the back wheel,” explains See. “I think this map would be great for your second moto when you don’t want that arm ripping power that you would start the day on.  Read Here
Grind Test: 2012 KX™450F
The 2012 makes so much power stock, it can be moved around and altered to one's personal desires. If I owned a 2012 and one of the three provided settings were not exactly what I was looking for, my first purchase would have to be the Calibration Kit software. This is an amazing tool--almost like having your own personal exhaust shop at your fingertips. Read Here
TransWorld MX Magazine Test: 2012 KX™450F
The chassis changes that they made make it feel so much narrower and actually feel lighter. Coming into the corners, the bike leans-in really well, especially tight ruts it really dives-in a lot better” Watch the rest of the video review at: Read Here
Racer X Magazine Test: 2012 KX™450F
Emig wasn’t the only rider who raved about the lighter, slimmer feel. I overhead a majority of the editors talking about the improved ergonomics. Our test rider agreed with the handling, but also came away very impressed with the engine, as did I. In fact, I was able to jump the infamous LaRocco’s Leap a couple times on this bike—not too shabby for a washed-up A rider on a box-stock 450, eh? Read Here
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