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Ride Texas Magazine Review: Kawasaki Ninja 650R
"I had modest handling expectations for this inexpensive, small bike, but it blew right through those. It handled like a champ with nary a wobble, nor a moment’s drama. Icky pavement although rough, did not upset the chassis and the bike never skittered nor slid. I like that in a bike."

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rider Magazine Review: Kawasaki Ninja 650R
"Starting with a fresh-looking sporty design, powered by a lively new 649cc twin and mounted in a competent chassis, we think Kawi’s engineers deserve a round of applause."

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Motorcyclist Magazine Review: Kawasaki Ninja 650R
"...there's a school of thought that says being able to use all of a motorcycle’s performance can be quite satisfying. Well, Kawasaki’s latest has a master’s degree at that particular school. All of which makes the affordable, accessible, adaptable Ninja 650R a refreshing alternative to spending twice as much money on something else. You know why? Because it’s fun, remember?"

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Ninja 650R Clinches Sport Rider “Fun Factor” Shootout
"Happy in practically any environment, the Ninja 650R has features that appeal to newer riders, as well as performance that makes it enjoyable for those who are more experienced."

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