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KLR650 wins Consumers Digest Best Buy Award
No longer will the legions of loyal KLR650 devotees be able to hide their -often dirty- little secret. Consumers Digest, a leading consumer research publication, has named the Kawasaki KLR650 as its "Best Buy" winner in the economy Dual-Sport/Adventure category.

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Robb Report Motorcycling Magazine Review: Kawasaki KLR650
"…the Kawasaki KLR650 was transporting me so naturally that I felt like I was floating down the Los Padres National Forest hillsides on my own, rather than riding a rather prosaic dual sport bike."

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Roadbike Magazine Review: Kawasaki KLR650
"One thing that struck me almost right away was how flickable the KLR is. And how much it really sticks to the pavement. Within minutes of leaving Monterey, we were quickly winding around some seriously twisty and remote roads in the central Californian country-side."

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rider Magazine Review: Kawasaki KLR650
"The upgrades work, and work well. I’ve wanted a sixth cog in my KLR’s gearbox for years, but the modernized motor revs so freely and makes enough additional power that I found myself in fourth gear at freeway speeds, then snicking up to fifth as if it was the long-lost overdrive. I can’t say which surprised me the most, the performance gains, the first-class comfort or the much-improved multisurface handling, but I walked away very impressed with the 2008 KLR650."

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Motorcycle Consumer News: Kawasaki’s 2008 KLR650
"Kawasaki’s 2008 KLR650 12 Finally Revised After 20 Years! Amazing Versatility...Still Bargain Priced. We were all thoroughly impressed with the new KLR, it does so many things so well and nothing badly. All those riders who’ve considered adding a dual-sport to their two-wheeled stable could hardly find a better choice. "

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