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Kawasaki Participation in AB1595
Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., would like to thank you for your interest in the recently enacted State of California Assembly Bill 1595. We understand this issue has an effect on our valued Kawasaki family of consumers as well as the Side x Side industry. It is important to note that all leading Side x Side manufacturers represented by the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) supported this bill.

Consumer Finance: How To Get A Loan
At Kawasaki, a perfect credit score isn’t required to obtain financing on a new motorcycle. Dealers now have multiple options to assist buyers who wouldn’t otherwise qualify for a loan.

Discovery Turbo Channel’s Twist the Throttle: Kawasaki Parts 1-4
Watch the tour of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries facilities and ride the new ZX-6R and ZX-14 at Autopolis with Dylan and Milt Weiss.

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Dirt Rider Magazine: INSIDE TEAM GREEN: A Guide to Monster Energy Team Green
It’s a case study in race-to-sell marketing, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear its story played out in a business class lecture on a college campus. More green bikes winning means more green bikes racing means more green bikes sold.
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Dealer News: Kawasaki: More than Motorcycles
Pictured is a 12-cylinder, two-stroke diesel producing 101,640 bhp at 97 rpm. The engine is 40-feet, 8-inches high, and slightly over 80 feet long. Click here to review

POWERSPORTS BUSINESS Magazine: Kawasaki, MMI mark 10 years of K-Tech
MMI estimates that Kawasaki has provided the school with $591,000 worth of motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and PWCs in the past 18 months. Stiles says updated product Kawasaki delivers gives the K-Tech Specialist students even more of an advantage in terms of learning about the company’s products hands on.

Sport Rider Magazine Review: Tour of Kawasaki Heavy Industries
"We were allowed to see a few portions of KHI’s facilities that have never been open to the public --much less journalists-- during our visit. While the enormous (more than 121 acres!) Akashi Works has previously accommodated journalists at its motorcycle assembly lines (which actually only make up a fraction of the whole facility; robotics and aircraft/marine turbine engine manufacturing comprise the majority), Kawasaki’s famous Kobe Works Shipyard in Kobe and its Hyogo Works rail machinery plant have granted scant few foreigners entry into their confines."

Sport Rider Magazine Review: In The Company Of Legend
"I successfully swooped underneath two riders entering the chicane and was passing another while maintaining the all-important drive out for the long wide-open run on the east banking when Benton boomed in again: "KENT, DO YOU COPY?" Hey buddy, can’t you see I’m busy here?"

Robb Report Motorcycling Magazine Review: Tour of Kawasaki Heavy Industries
"Situated in this crater, steeped in the paradox of this country’s parallel sensibilities of reverent mysticism, obsessive technological advancement, and often playful iconography, Kawasaki’s state of the art test track, Autopolis, looked like a kanji -the fluid brushstroke that forms the characters of the Japanese alphabet."

rider Magazine Review: Tour of Kawasaki Heavy Industries
"...I had an inkling of all this before going with Kawasaki USA on a media tour of some of KHI’s facilities and accomplishments in Japan recently, but since much of the access we had to its motorcycle, ship and rolling stock (think trains) factories was unprecedented, the reality of the company’s breadth and capability were previously unimaginable."

Motorcycle Consumer News Magazine Review: Tour of Kawasaki Heavy Industries
"The point of all this is that KHI clearly has no reservations about its capability. It literally can do and has done everything, a corporate mindset that explains a lot about its motorcycle products."

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