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Do I need to become a member to shop?

No. We would love to have you become a member, but we welcome all shoppers whether they are registered or not.

Why should I become a member of

There are many benefits to becoming a member of Among them are:

Ease of shopping - You enter your address only once and your billing address is automatically filled out for you when you go to check out (Note: for security reasons, we do not store credit card information).;

Find Accessories and warranty information quickly for your exact vehicle - If you own a bike and tell us your VIN/HIN, we can take you quickly to the proper parts diagrams, accessories, and warranty information.;

Targeted promotions - If you give us permission to contact you, we will be able to tell you about promotions in your interest area;

Save your shopping cart - If you are building a shopping cart and don't have time to finish, your shopping cart will be saved for you to complete on your next visit;

Easy Order tracking - You won't need to remember your Order Confirmation numbers. When you log in and go to the Order Status area, you will be able to see every order you have placed when logged in under that Username.

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