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How do I find out about any current Kawasaki Sales Promotions?

All finance and sales promotions can be found under the “Promotions” section of

I am to receive a gift card/rebate or promotional item with the purchase of my Kawasaki. When will it arrive in the mail?

  • When a promotional item is offered as part of the purchase of a Kawasaki vehicle, all Kawasaki dealers are notified of the details of each promotion.
  • Check with your sales person. Your purchase must be registered with Kawasaki before promotion eligibility can be verified.
  • Some promotions require that the dealer submit to Kawasaki a claim form signed by the purchaser before a promotional item is mailed. If required, make sure you have signed the claim form, and that your dealer has submitted it to Kawasaki. Promotional items are usually mailed to the consumer within 2-4 weeks of our receipt of the necessary documents.
  • Some promotions are given out by participating dealers at the time of purchase. Always check with your sales person first for information on promotional offers.

Can I use the promotional gift card which I got when I purchased my vehicle as payment on

Yes. Promotional gift cards displaying the Kawasaki logo can be used for purchasing manuals at

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