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Kawasaki Power Products

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Where can I purchase Kawasaki Power Products?

Kawasaki Engines & Power Products including string trimmers, blowers, edgers and hedge trimmers and related replacement parts and accessories can be purchased through authorized Kawasaki Power Product Dealers.

Can I view parts diagrams for Kawasaki Engines and Power Products?

Yes, parts diagrams can be viewed online at

Who can I contact about a question or concern with a Kawasaki Small Engine or Power Product?

Kawasaki Small Engine and Power Product Customer Service Department can be contacted at (949) 460-5687.

I have a product with a Kawasaki engine in it. Who can I contact about a problem that I am having with it?

Generally, you should contact the manufacturer of the product for warranty or technical assistance. If you have questions specific to the engine, our Small Engine/Power Products division can contacted at (949) 460-5687.

How do I become an Authorized Small Engine and Hand Held Power Product Dealer?

Please contact the Grand Rapids Sales Representative at (877) 608-6088.

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