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Looking for a product? Need to find a Dealer near you? Want to find out about your warranty? You've come to the right place. Find the question that best describes what you're looking for and click for a quick answer.

Becoming a Dealer
Want to become a dealer? Here's how.

Accessory Information
Sizing, installation instructions, licensed products.

Customer Service
How to contact us.

Good Times Credit Card
How to apply, cancel or report a lost/stolen card.

Kawasaki Protection Plus
Information about how to obtain, extend, change address.

Kawasaki Engines/Power Products
Where to buy, viewing parts diagrams.

Linking to our Website
Find out how to link to a Kawasaki website

Locating a Dealer
Find an Authorized Kawasaki Dealer.

Privacy Policy
View Kawasaki's Privacy Policy ensuring your information is protected.

Promotions/Gift Cards
Information on using promotions & gift cards for purchases.

Purchasing Replacement Parts
Where, how, recommendations.

Return Policy
View the Return Policy.

Site Membership
Why is it important to become a member?

Vehicle Information
New models, purchasing vehicles, VIN/HIN, maintenance, Your vehicle.

Technical Publications & Manuals
Where to find this info on the site.

Vehicle Recalls
How do I find out if there is an outstanding recall?

What is covered, how to obtain service, transferring etc.

Website Security & Design
Who built this website? Is it secure?

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